WingFan is structured to offer our customers tailor-made solutions, fine-tuned to their requirements, while providing additional benefits. Through close customer contact and supported by motivated employees and shareholders we want to be the unequivocal number one in the world.

Our values

We focus on putting the customer first.  Our values are:

  • Customer-oriented

We use every contact with customers or potential customers as an opportunity to understand their requirements and align our organisation accordingly.

  • Quality standards

We see quality as a holistic concept. We don’t just set the standard in relation to product quality, but also provide high quality service from the customer’s perspective. On-time delivery of the correct goods, free of defects and quick, efficient internal processing are all part of our customers’ expectations.

  • Team­work

WingFan is most successful when the team works in an environment that promotes self-confidence and every employee contributes constructive ideas to constantly improve our organisation.

  • Constant striving for improvement

We do not just apply standard solutions but rather develop customised solutions, which are constantly scrutinised and optimised. We strive to use our innovation processes, flexibility and reactivity to achieve our goals through continuous optimisation. Our quality management system assists our employees to realize the quality objectives. It ensures that the organizational objectives are implemented at all levels and describes the required processes in detail. All employees are obliged to apply the procedures described in the QM-System to ensure that the organisational objectives are met.

  • Enthusiasm for innovation

The key to our on­going success, especially with regard to increasing competition, is growth through innovation. This goal is realised by applying consistent Innovation Management at all levels. Innovation is not only synonymous with optimisation and development of new products but also with Process, Organisation, Service and Strategy innovations. Our goal is to evaluate and manage innovations according to the technical feasibility and competitiveness as they are crucial for sustained long-term success.

  • Environment

We have implemented various, highly regarded environmental protection procedures.

We manufacture environmentally friendly products with regard to the entire lifecycle of the product – from the design, manufacturing processes and ultimately the recycling or disposal of our products. No water contaminants are used in our manufacturing processes and economical use of raw materials is a priority. Energy usage is monitored and recorded and energy saving measures are in place.